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  • Seamless Gutters: they are often made from aluminum, but they can be made from copper, as well.  Seamless gutters allow your roofing system to manage the flow of water, successfully.  Seamless gutters protect your home from the elements. 

    Leaf Relief Gutter Guards: gutter guards that provide protection to your gutter system by keeping natural debris, such as leaves and twigs from blocking your gutters.  These gutter guards provide relief to the homeowner by enhancing the gutter performance and durability.


  • Vinyl Siding: THI provides affordable and cost-effective vinyl sidings.  Vinyl siding is durable, highly customizable, low maintenance, moisture resistant and a strong climate control aid, retains lasting color, withstand high winds, impact, heat and cold temperatures and environmentally friendly.  THI provides different styles of siding in various colors to accommodate the homeowner’s needs and preferences.



  • Insulation: An insulated vinyl siding keeps the wall warmer due to its energy saving properties, it also helps the wall to dry out quicker and most of all it alleviates moisture.  This insulation also acts as a barrier to provide protection from the elements and lowering energy usage in the home.



  • Trim: Trim enhances the appearance of the home.  Many homes consist of a variety of trim components.  Trinity Home Improvement can provide you with a variety of products to accentuate the siding properly and endure many years with no maintenance.



  • Vinyl Windows: These windows are strong and durable.  Vinyl windows do not require painting or staining which makes this a cost-effective decision for homeowners.  Vinyl windows are energy efficient due to thermal protection compared to wood and aluminum windows and they are the most affordable types of replacement windows, on the market.  Most of all, they are recyclable, making them an environmentally friendly window selection.

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