We will remove your old roof and replace with any of the below options and can offer

you a Lifetime GAF Warranty


  • Architectural Shingles: they help maintain and increase the value of the home when they are properly installed.  They are currently, the preferred shingle for homeowners.

    • Dual layered construction provides additional protection from the elements

    • Variety of colors that compliment any home

    • Granule technology with 10-15 years algae-resistant warranty

    • Energy efficient by reflecting some of the sun’s heat rather than absorbing it

    • Protects against high winds up to 130 mph

    • Lifetime


  • 3 Tab Shingles:

This shingle is found on most homes.They Typically last for 20-25 years.Trinity Home Improvement provides 3 Tab Shingles in many different colors to help with the appearance of your home.

  • Cedar Shake Roofing: this type of shingle is resistant to insect activity.  They typically last for about 20 to 30 years. Trinity Home Improvement provides cedar shakes in different styles and shapes, they can enhance the appearance of any home.


  • Metal Roofing: aluminum and copper roofs provide a better quality of protection from the elements.  Available in a variety of colors. Much sturdier than asphalt shingle roofs.


  • Slate Roofing: the most popular type of roofing that can enhance any home.  A slate roof can last well over 75 years when maintained properly.  We have premium slate roofing options available in a variety of colors. 


  • Low Slope Roofing: this type of roof drains the water more slowly than moderate or steep sloped roofs.  This type of roof membrane is a premium roofing options available in 6 colors.  The material used for low slope roof system application is in accordance with GAF specifications.




Roofs in Maryland experience all kinds of inclement weather and can take on large amounts of damage over time. Due to long term damage or sudden issues your roof may be exposed and compromised for a brief period of time. Trinity Home Improvement is proud to offer emergency tarping services to homeowners throughout Maryland.


First, we will come out and survey the damage to your roof before deciding the best course of action. After surveying your roof's damage it can take roughly 7-10 business days to get a qualified crew out to work on your roof. By tarping you will have peace of mind that your home is safe from the elements while you are waiting on your repairs. We will proceed by installing the tarp over the exposed area or over the entire roof, depending on the size of the situation. In addition to roof tarping we also can tarp any damaged siding on your house until the damage is repaired.